Your brand image

Choose your weapon and we take care of the rest

– Refresh a logo ? With pleasure !
– A brochure for the weekend ? No worries!
– A new banner for your website ? Roger that !
– A social media type video for your acquisition campaign ? When do we begin ?
You have a lot of questions and Dune has a lot of answers for you…
A nudge and we’re on our way? 🙂

A business cannot grow without an identity…

Need a graphic designer ? Don't panic, Dune is here to help you create your image !

Here, any situation has its solution : we support you in your project whatever its nature and progress. Because you are unique, your project is just as unique, and to make it shine like a rough diamond, it needs an identity and a message. Reveal your values. Deploy your identity. With us, your project is cajoled.

A brand that looks like you is synonymous with reliability...

No online fishing
without a good bait!

Conversion and lead generation
are your watchwords ?
We speak the same language!

Who are you ? What do you propose ? Hundreds (what am I saying? thousands!) of prospects don’t know it yet, but they would love to find out.
Don’t wait any longer, and optimize your media web presence by presenting quality content to ensure large-scale conversion!

Soldiers, we are going on a mobile campaign!

Mobile is an essential part of your brand communication. Stand out and form a solid web community beyond your city, using modern and refined content, and graphics in line with your message

With the words,
we mark the movement, with images, we fix it

Did you know that video is a powerful conversion engine?

On the internet, the average concentration time is 8 seconds… less than that of a goldfish! Now imagine your superb motion design perfectly edited and broadcast with strategy (your bait), then your target (the goldfish) who scrolls his Instagram feed wearily, until… “Oh ! Not bad at all, what is it?” Better than a video of a cat twerking on the carpet, it’s your brand, your project, and you’ve gained a really interested visitor to your website 😉

Les plus consultés

Silence... Motor... Action!

Nature prints what you express

Do you also like the smell of freshly printed paper?

Let’s be clear : print is not dead. Whether for editorial projects or print campaigns, paper still has a bright future ahead. And for good reason : a solid campaign manages to intelligently combine print and digital, and beautiful books do not find their equivalent on Kindle.

They trusted Dune… and are happy !

Excellent work. Louis was able to meet the expectations of the brand. I would be delighted to work with him in the future. I recommend !!

Benjamin, Orala Care

5 stars on Malt


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Louis and I was particularly convinced by his talent, his creative spirit and his ability to adapt in a demanding environment.

Annaelle, Sparkle Agency

Also try the experience !