Who's hiding behind Dune ?



Once upon a time ...

Attractive and human offers that can be adapted to each need… it seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?
We will explain everything !

Dune is above all a story of passion.
Behind this company does not hide a whole team cloistered in large offices with for only contact with the real world a bluetooth headset… but only one person.
My name is Louis Cailliau, and I’m an art director, specialized in graphic design and motion design.

You probably think it’s a nice this triple-cap… But this career choice is the result of a winding journey punctuated with questions. And yes, any project must be carefully thought out!

Although the arts – with a capital A – have helped me to understand the world and society from a particular angle, and therefore to express my personality through them, it is difficult to find one’s way and to measure the risks of our choice. So, having not been aware of the joy of creating for others yet, I turned to a university course rather than orienting myself towards a classical course in Applied Arts.

However, a small detail was in the back of my mind (a bit late when you prepare for the defense of your thesis): it would not be my master’s degree in History of corporate communication that would make me live from my creativity by contributing to exciting projects, by bringing added value to concepts, by transmitting a vision to the world in a dynamic of sharing and exchange… And this is the reason why I upgraded myself for 3 years before to get into the deep professional waters, first with internships, then a permanent contract and finally as a freelancer.

And guess what? I have never felt more alive and accomplished than working for a variety of clients and projects, each more unique than the next!

From real estate and fashion to pharmaceuticals and new technologies, all of your projects are magnificent and have given me what every creative person dreams of : fulfillment and a feeling of usefulness thanks to the transmission of my ideas and creating an identity and engaging content.

As a human, with my difficulties, my ambitions, my convictions, my responsibilities, I have therefore set myself the goal of bringing my enthusiasm and the best of my ideas to other humans who, like you dear readers, have authentic and responsible projects whatever their scale to work towards building a more cohesive and inclusive world.

Here you will not find discrimination in relation to the size of your structure, only solutions that look like you and that are adapted to your needs… so let’s discuss your projects and collaborate ! Are you in ? 🙂

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